Friday, October 16, 2015

Twenty Again Episode 16 - She confess! At last!

Hooray.. At last No Ra confess that she likes Hyun Suk. She misses Hyun Suk. A lot.

Watch this preview

But after her heartfelt confession and backhug, Hyun Suk only said, "I'm leaving."

Oh.. hahahaha.. No Ra only mutters "Jerk.."

I don't think Hyun Suk will leaves No Ra. He only want to pay her back. Little revenge for making him miserable after No Ra rejection.

Ahh.. can't wait for tonight episode. Please dramagod, make them kiss. Please make them kiss. *chanting*

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Preview Twenty Again Episode 15

Here the text preview for episode 15. And yay.. for Prof. Cha.

After making a confession to No Ra, Hyun Suk tells the stuttering No Ra. "You said that you don't like me. So, prove it to me."

With this excuse, they go on many kinds of dates.

Missteapot : Yay..Go go go, Hyun Sukkie.. Psstt...Find another excuse for other dates. Again and again.

Meanwhile, Woo Chul receives a photo of him when he gave the cake (with money in it) to the female college student. He suspect that all of this incident might have been a set up by Yi Jin. After thinking about it, he went to look for Yi Jin and asks her about it.

Missteapot : I hope this incident won't tarnish Woo Chul. Not because I take pity of him, but I don't want his fall make No Ra reluctant to leave his ex hubby.