Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cute My Lovely Girl, But Why Does It Look Like a Melodrama?

So.. Is it a melo or a lovely drama?

I wish Rain will pick the cheerful drama. After the military duty, this is his first drama. I like him a lot in Sang Do Let's Go to School and Full House. Ahh... Full House. Who can forget that drama? In a mellow trend drama, Full House is just like a fresh air. The cuteness overload! I can diminish the bad fashion from Young Jae, because the chemistry between Rain and Song Hye Kyo is so high.

And I also like Krystal Jung. Her Bo Na in Heirs is so cute. An arrogant brat, ex girlfriend of Kim Tan, and hate Park Shin Hye's character (I already forgot her name) but I just can't hate her.

So it's so understandable if I want to watch this drama. But why oh why, it's so melo?