Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spoiler Ending of Descendant of the Sun

The preview episode 15 Descendant of the Sun showed one of Alpha team member go to see Mu Yeon at hospital. And Mu Yeon's face who was happy at first went dark after hearing what his said (we never heard what they were talking about).

I guess they want to inform Mu Yeon that Yoo Si Jin is missing or taken as hostage and they haven't heard any news from him.

There is two rumor of possible ending of Descendant of the Sun, the happy one and bittersweet ending one

Friday, April 8, 2016

Food and Beverage at Descendant of the Sun Episode 14

There is not much eating and drinking at this episode. Well, probably people busy with saving life and a lot of action. But I like it. The conversation is so funny and witty, even from the soldiers.

And guess what, the naengmyung which we talk about has a crucial point for saving Foreign Affair Minister and South-North Korea Reconciliation.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Food & Beverage at Descendant of the Sun Episode 13

Descendant of the Sun episode 13


In episode 13 Descendant of the Sun, we have club sandwich from Subway, a dish from neighboring countries, North Korea, which called naengmyeon.

Let's talk about naengmyeon first, okay..

Another Style with Samyang

After get hot with Samyang ramen, the next day we make another ramen. But instead of put the seasoning altogether, we decide to splite the seasoning into half and make fried rice with that spicy one.

Before, my son have to eat with rice because he couldn't stand the spicy taste on his tongue. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Get Hot with Samyang

Have you taste Samyang Noodle? This instant ramen was trending in instagram last year, which reportedly had a spiciest taste as ramen.

Well, something with spicy is interest me and make me curious. How spicy that noodle? So I try to find Samyang Noodle at minimarket like Indomaret, Alfamart or Alfamidi around my house. But unfortunately I can't find it. So I go to Superindo. Well, they don't sell it either.

There is a place that 100% sell Samyang noodle. It is Mu Gung Hwa store because they sell korean product. But I can't go to Mu Gung Hwa store at Kebayoran Baru, because at that time I already go to the other side of Jakarta.

So I go to Farmers Market which located in mall near my house. Thanks God, they sell this Samyang. Four packs go straight into the shopping cart and taken to the cashier. So, lets cook it!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Are They Descended From The Sun?

Why I ask this? 

Well, this question pop of my mind because the rating for drama is impossible for midweek drama. Normally, drama in TV channel such as KBS, SBS or MBC are in twenty something at most. But, now.. 30%? 

Whoaa... Can you believe that?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How To Save Your Marriage - Tips from One More Happy Ending

What if your marriage is on the thin line?

This is the tips which I sum from One More Happy Ending. After Da Kyung surgery, Gun Hak and Da Kyung decide to mend their relationship. But they still awkward to each other. So they go to Relationship Expert and they are adviced to go to healing camp.

And here I write some of their lesson :

1. Look each other for 10 minutes without speaking at all.

So Da Jung and Gun Hak do what they have been told. And look each other like that, makes Da Jung and Gun Hak smile. Mi Mo suggest to continue their exercise because it's good for them.

2. Say 'Okay..' when your husband/wife express their disappointment.

The instructor explains that it is time for the couple to do the game "Okay ..". This game requires that husband/wife express their disappointment, by using the phrase, "I'm mad at you do this" and "I was really disappointed when you do that".

However, spouse who said that don't use an angry tone and must reply without angry tone either. The purpose of this game is that they have empathy, so when their partners said that their actions had upset her, then the other party would have to say "Okay.." and they do not argue because it will spark an argument.

3. Say I Love You like any other day

This is an easy task for normal spouses, but it's hard for some spouse like Gun Hak and Da Jung. It's already night, Da Jung and Gun Rights've been in their respective rooms. They are equally worried because they have not done their job.

Finally Gun Rights who moved first. When Da Jung washing dishes and suddenly Gun Rights hugged her from behind and said, "I love you." Of course Da Jung shock to find such treatment.

And Gun Hak didn't do only once, but twice.  When Da Jung out of the bathroom, Gun Hak was at the front door and give the shampoo on Da Jung, then said, "I love you."

Gun Rights has completed his task but Da Jung haven't done at all and that makes Da Jung anxious. So Da Jung braced herself to go to Gun Hak's room. Da Jung opened the room door and saw Gun Hak was reading a book. She walked over her husband and said, "I love you ... I love you ... I love you ..," Just like that and go to her room. Hahaha...

In her own room, Da Jung lay down on the bed, covered her face in embarrassment. But she was smiling with relief because she has done her task.

4. Create a nickname for each other

Da Jung and Gun Hak decided to copy a nickname from Secretary Kwak and her partner. Jajang and Jjajangmyun.

5. Go shopping, watching movie and yoga class together

Do you want to try it? Go.. let's do it. And I find that this is not for a couple who need therapy. Every couple should do them for a healthy relationship.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Choi Ji Woo and Her Bike

I just curious. How many times an actress ride a bike in her drama?

I will pick one actress whom I love. Choi Ji Woo. So let see..

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How Much Do You Like Rain?

The rain have made the seeds are growing. :) 

I do not want to talk about rain which made flood in Jakarta and other cities that resulted in flooding, huh? Moreover, if there is flood, the problem is not the raining but the drainage systems and waste management which are wrong

Oh.. and I don't want to talk about Rain who pouring Full House or and come back as Ajuhssi. You know what I mean, right. 

Okay.., so let’s talk about rain.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cute My Lovely Girl, But Why Does It Look Like a Melodrama?

So.. Is it a melo or a lovely drama?

I wish Rain will pick the cheerful drama. After the military duty, this is his first drama. I like him a lot in Sang Do Let's Go to School and Full House. Ahh... Full House. Who can forget that drama? In a mellow trend drama, Full House is just like a fresh air. The cuteness overload! I can diminish the bad fashion from Young Jae, because the chemistry between Rain and Song Hye Kyo is so high.

And I also like Krystal Jung. Her Bo Na in Heirs is so cute. An arrogant brat, ex girlfriend of Kim Tan, and hate Park Shin Hye's character (I already forgot her name) but I just can't hate her.

So it's so understandable if I want to watch this drama. But why oh why, it's so melo?