Monday, May 12, 2014

Water + Lemon slices = Mineral Water

Have you watched Wish Upon a Star? At that time, being a fan of Kang Ha and Pal Kang couple I wanted to do what they’ve done.  They craved toast sweet potato and I ate ubi cilembu every now and then.
On WUAS, there was also a scene when Kang Ha got sick, Kang Ha saw a jug of lemon water beside his bed. Pal Kang did.

While watching that scene, I think, is it good? No sugar, just plain water with lemon. Err.. Thanks but no thanks ...

But lately, I wanted to try lemon water. Not because Kang Ha did .. He was cute enough, but not so cute for me follow his path. And I think, Kang Ha won't drink that lemon water if Pal Kang didn't put that lemon water beside his bed.

I want to try lemon water because of my cousin.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why must Dong Chan die on God's Gift?

Have you watched the latest episode of God's Gift? Dong Chan is dead? Are you sure? For real? Yeah, I know.. I can't believe it either.

This drama surely is full of surprises. I don't know what Dong Chan's thinking after he realized that one of two people must die, is either him or Saet Byul not Dong Ho or Saet Byul.

Well, the ending never showed the death of Dong Chan. What we saw is Saet Byul and Soo Hyun was walking side by side and at the end of the drama, there is flashback that Saet Byul asked Dong Chan about the end of the story of Mom, the child and the knight who saved the child : "What happened to the knight? Is he alive?"

We never heard what was his answer, thus it's an open ended drama. You interpret what you want to. Well, these are some alternate endings :