Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kim Hee Chan : A Cutie Pie from The Producers and Twenty Again

Which Kdrama who make you smile widely recently? For me, it's Twenty Again.

Which actor who make you glued to TV recently? For me, it's Kim Hee Can.

Doesn't ring a bell? What if I show you this picture?

Behind The Scene Twenty Again Episode 11 : Couple Shirt for Uri No Ra-Hyun Seok?

Wait.. what is this? Are they already a couple? Why do they wear a couple shirt?

There is no preview for Twenty Again up to now, because it's Chuseok Day at Korea. We can watch the preview.. mmhh.. tomorrow. Probably.

Yong Pal Episode 17 : Yes, Do Joon is Still Alive (?)

Yong Pal Episode 17 Recap

Oohh... the preview is so good. But, we have to remember, the preview may lead us wrong, right? Sometime I hate Yong Pal. The drama I mean, not the character. Not the actor.

The story is dragging so much. Why scriptwriter-nim didn't walk the path like in ER. We love Yong Pal as the doctor. Heroic as he can be, just like Healer. Yes, Healer has loveline, but the romance just in a perfect dose. Not too much, not too little.

Well, beggar can't choose, right? So let's go to watch what happens on the next episode.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Anticipating The Ending of Yong Pal (Episode 17 - 18)

Let's jump the wagon of Yong Pal, shall we? Just 2 episodes left.

I wish Yeo Jin won't give up her position, but also end her revenge's scheme and Tae Hyun will come back for helping Yeo Jin. Dunno how.. And my gut's feeling said that Do Joon is not dead.

Are you waiting for Wed-Thursday to come?