Monday, May 12, 2014

Water + Lemon slices = Mineral Water

Have you watched Wish Upon a Star? At that time, being a fan of Kang Ha and Pal Kang couple I wanted to do what they’ve done.  They craved toast sweet potato and I ate ubi cilembu every now and then.
On WUAS, there was also a scene when Kang Ha got sick, Kang Ha saw a jug of lemon water beside his bed. Pal Kang did.

While watching that scene, I think, is it good? No sugar, just plain water with lemon. Err.. Thanks but no thanks ...

But lately, I wanted to try lemon water. Not because Kang Ha did .. He was cute enough, but not so cute for me follow his path. And I think, Kang Ha won't drink that lemon water if Pal Kang didn't put that lemon water beside his bed.

I want to try lemon water because of my cousin.

My cousin told me that now she always carries  a bottle which contained 4 or 5 lemon slice in water. I asked, why does she like it? It’s not sweet , just plain water with a mere lemon taste. My cousin said that I will get used to it.

Err.. I will get used to it? Are you kidding me? That bitter taste, I will get used to it?

But what makes me buying her idea is : She told me her husband (which I know often got influenza, almost all of the time) , after drinking lemon water routinely, he wasn’t easy to get a cough. When everyone in his office get a flu, believe it or not, he did not get sick.

Whoaa.. of course it made ​​me drool . Not for me, but for my husband. Because my hubby is so easy to get cough and cold . Once, my husband took the bus, but after that, all of sudden, mysteriously he immediately coughed, and at night the doctor said that he has severe flu illness.

So, I prepare lemon water for his night drink. Each afternoon , the lemon always be replaced. So that means I won't taste that bitter drink, right? And I can get my husband for the experiment. Hehehe..

Is it worked? Yes, it is. My husband is now not easy to get sick . When I got flu, and my kids also get my illness, my hubby is fit as ever.

So , finally I, who do not like to drink lemon wter, ended up drinking too . It feels a bit weird anyway . But after a long time, I will get used to. 

Probably.. I hope so..

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