Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Yong Pal Episode 17 : Yes, Do Joon is Still Alive (?)

Yong Pal Episode 17 Recap

Oohh... the preview is so good. But, we have to remember, the preview may lead us wrong, right? Sometime I hate Yong Pal. The drama I mean, not the character. Not the actor.

The story is dragging so much. Why scriptwriter-nim didn't walk the path like in ER. We love Yong Pal as the doctor. Heroic as he can be, just like Healer. Yes, Healer has loveline, but the romance just in a perfect dose. Not too much, not too little.

Well, beggar can't choose, right? So let's go to watch what happens on the next episode.

Wait.. another betrayal? Is Do Joon is still alive? Or probably it's just Yeo Jin imagination? Sometime when you are in sedative a long-long time.. you can't differentiate between the reality and your imagination.But probably it is true, because when the accident happened, Tae Hyun was there. And who else can save the patient instead of Yong Pal?

From the preview, it seems that Tae Hyun has a peaceful life with the kids, Chae Young and the gangster in orphanage, but Yeo Jin is alone by herself. Wait, doesn't mean Tae Hyun leaves Yeo Jin? The husband leave the wife for another girl? Andwee...

Meanwhile, Secretary Min is still working for Daejung and he'll try to get rid of Yeo Jin. When Yeo Jin colapse and the directors are also waiting for Yeo Jin's fall. So Yeo Jin is alone in her golden cage.

Just like a bird. The predator -cat and tiger- have wait outside the cage, waiting for Yeo Jin's fall. When she fall, they eat her. Rawrr...

After that, we see a glimpse of Do Joon greet Yeo Jin mockingly, "Are you okay?"

My Comment is :

Probably Tae Hyun brought Chae Young to orphanage because of pity for Chae Young just lost his husband recently.  But I think Chae Young is trying to get sympathy and trust from Tae Hyun.

I hope Tae Hyun will see how Yeo Jin is suffering and rescue her. Because who else can save Yeo Jin instead of Tae Hyun?

But how many episode left? One episode or two? I just want a happy ending for Yong Pal. Not for Yeo Jin sake, but only for Yong Pal. If I can decide, I will pair him with the nurse who help him before.

But sometime what we want is different with others opinion. Tae Hyun also has different opinion. His Yeo Jin is always pretty (Korean beauty for godsake), so who am I can change Tae Hyun's mind? Okay.. just ignore my rambling.

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