Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Behind The Scene Twenty Again Episode 11 : Couple Shirt for Uri No Ra-Hyun Seok?

Wait.. what is this? Are they already a couple? Why do they wear a couple shirt?

There is no preview for Twenty Again up to now, because it's Chuseok Day at Korea. We can watch the preview.. mmhh.. tomorrow. Probably.

But I think this scene is happened after No Ra talked with his husband, Kim Woo Chul, at restaurant. It's the same cloth.

So, can we conclude that Woo Chul has already signed in and sealed at court? I hope it's true *cross finger*

Woo Chul will make it like No Ra and Hyun Suk has affair and he is the pity husband because of the adultery of his wife. The campus and student are going to bully her again. *I hope my made up story is not true.*

What I'm afraid with the good rating drama (more than 6%, and I think it's huge considering they are cable drama) is they extend for 4 or 5 episodes and also extending the plot. I know, scriptwriternim can stretch the plot for 20 episodes. But this drama is already confirm for 16 episodes, so probably it's not a good idea if the story make a twist.

And we get a BTS photo when No Ra-Hyun Seok meet Yoon Young.

Also No Ra with Seung Hyun

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