Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Computer Exhibition: Giant I Pad and Tiny Movie Theatre

I forgot when I took this picture. I think it happened 3 years ago, circa 2012. We go to computer exhibition at Jakarta Convention Center.

It was amazing at that time when we saw giant screen as a desk. I had seen them once at Timezone (at that time), for fish catcher machine which imported from Japan. Now, we could use as table for conference, and make the work done at once.

And we can change the table as kid's entertainment. I can't imagine, our sons won't leave their room, their seats if they can play Clash of Clans here. Tsk.. thank God, we can't afford the table.

And I just like saw a scene from Cars when I saw this diorama. Cars watched movie together in drive in movie. Suddenly I want to arrange my son's cars to make a scene like that.

What I regret at that time is, I didn't buy a handy scanner, since I need it a lot now.

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