Monday, November 16, 2015

Try to be Food Combiner

Raise your hand if you are Food Combiner. I try to be a food combiner, but it's quite hard. What do you think?

Let's see :

First in the morning, when the mouth is dry and not done toothbrush, the routine begins with with drinking warm water with lemon or lime.

Have a breakfast with fresh fruits, watery, sweet and fibrous  Always eat fruit on empty stomach and eat them until 11:30 am (minimum 3 kinds of fruits), do not mixed with vegetables. Make a space about 20 minutes before consuming other food.

For lunch and dinner, remember do not mix concentrated starch and concentrated proteins at the same time.
So if I want eat meat, I must combine with vegetables. Eat steak and vegetables, but leave french fries and corn.

If I want to eat rice, I must not eat meat on the same plate. Eat vegetables or tofu

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