Sunday, November 29, 2015

Signs You Need A Vacation

I have read somewhere about the signs we need a vacation. But why I read differently? That's the signs when I follow ongoing drama.

1. Not enthusiastic with your work.
I enthusiastic more when the Monday come, because Oh My Venus will air Monday night. And my active level drop when the Wednesday come, because.. OH MY! Another 5 days in waiting?

Wait, but there are another drama to watch. Okay.. just download the Wednesday Thursday's drama. I will watch before the office hour start or at the lunch hour. Or.. at the car when I have to meet client. At that time, I like traffic jam a lot.

2. Your work seems like an endless job.
Yes.. I feel this symptom on Monday and Tuesday, because I want to go home early and stalking Soompi. But my work not slightly bit lessen.

3. You often refuse invitation from friend for after hour working at office
Of course I must refuse my friend invitation when my drama airing. Are you crazy? My after office hour is so sacred. Don't disturb me!

Oh.. it get worse when I follow Mon-Tue drama, Wed-Thu drama, and Fri-Sat drama. Never ever disturb me!

4. You Always Feel Tired

Yes, I feel tired when the sun rise, because I have been waiting for subs in viki. Never mind if only 50%, wait.. it's already 75%. Ohh.. it's 95%. Yay..

And if the drama is reaching the finale, sometime I stream the video and read the spoiler at Soompi. Why? Because it's so fascinating. Your adrenaline will rushed to your vein because you are just like the audience in South Korea. You watch what they watch.

The difference is they understand the language but you don't. You wait for the spoiler at Soompi. Hmm.. and the thought of studying their language is so tempting, right?

So, the suggestion is I need a vacation. Yes, right! I will get a work leave and take a break for a while. Hmm... enjoy sunrise at the beach. Feel the sands on my feet. Hmmm... sound nice.

I just lay at the long chair with the wide umbrella above my head, enjoy the view in front of me.

What view?

Mmmhhh.. if I go to a vacation, I brig my laptop, right? I'm going to streaming the drama online, or probably catch up those drama that I don't have time to watch.

So chop chop chop.. let's go vacation!

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