Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How Much Do You Like Rain?

The rain have made the seeds are growing. :) 

I do not want to talk about rain which made flood in Jakarta and other cities that resulted in flooding, huh? Moreover, if there is flood, the problem is not the raining but the drainage systems and waste management which are wrong

Oh.. and I don't want to talk about Rain who pouring Full House or and come back as Ajuhssi. You know what I mean, right. 

Okay.., so let’s talk about rain.

1. Ease your heart and mind

The sound of the rain could bring peace in your heart. Well, my heart and my mind is. Just imagine if our brains are hot, and the hot weather follow up. Duh, it can be guaranteed the head is definitely going to boil. But suddenly, the rain is pouring down and leaves the smell of wet soil. Uh.. I love that smell.

2. Natural Songs

Irregular patter sound, creating a separate harmonica. The sound of water droplets that first fell on the roof, the sound of rain water running over the surface of the ground, is a mix of classical music of nature, and the rhythm of the rain will calm your nerves

3. Rainbow

You will said that this point is so cliché. Yes, you right. But this is real, you know. There is always a rainbow after a rainstorm. After thundering and lightning shouted, will come blend colors that stretches across the sky.

I experienced this in the morning when I go to work. This rainbow is across my way and suddenly my mood rise up higher. Well, that’s so called mood booster, right?
Moments like this do not happen often. But once happened, we definitely hooked want to enjoy a rainbow in the sky.

4. Water droplets of rain

I like to touch the cold window of my car. This is the most fun, especially if the rain is not raining hard. Approaching the window and enjoy the drops of rain that wants to break through the glass. Coupled with a hand sticking out, then you will feel the raindrops on your palms. It’s so much fun.

The moment of spilling water over the palms actually we can do without waiting for the rain. Just open your water tap on our palms will get the same result. But it’s also different sensation.

Those are the things that make rain always be missed. Rain is not always synonymous with lightning or strong winds. Sometimes the rain brings peace and is always eagerly anticipated. 

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