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Food & Beverage at Descendant of the Sun Episode 13

Descendant of the Sun episode 13


In episode 13 Descendant of the Sun, we have club sandwich from Subway, a dish from neighboring countries, North Korea, which called naengmyeon.

Let's talk about naengmyeon first, okay..

From the appearance, of naengmyeon, it does like chicken soup and noodles. But the information I got from various sources, the meaning of naengmyeon itself is cold noodles, which says is signature noodle from North Korean. And naengmyeon is often served in the summer because the noodle feels cool and refreshing.

The meat used in naengmyeon is vary, but in episode 13, naengmyeon used is chicken. The reason it called cold noodle is because the broth is poured cold broth, and really cool because it's made even using an ice cube.

And this is how the dish is displaying on that show.

Yoo Si Jin asked North Korean soldiers, "Can we have naengmyeon for lunch? I'd love to taste traditional Pyeongyang naengmyeon."

So at noon, they were taken to a restourant with waiters wore conservative  hanbok and every soldier get a full bowl. The waitress give the instruction how to eat that cold noodle is : Sprinkle some vinegar all over the noodles and add some mustard to the broth for an even better flavor.

But the North Korean army said that the waiter is lying and prohibits Yoo Si Jin cs to eat that way. "We smear the mustard directly onto the noodles."

Yoo Si Jin do as the soldier said and promise to treat him lunch if he comes to Seoul next time. But the NK soldier said that different team will go for the next time. Yoo Si Jin thinks back for a while then said that it will be considered that he owe him a lunch then.

The second food is Mu Yeon's favorite sandwich from Subway with no onions, lots of jalapenos and a lot of chili sauce with heated white bread. When the sandwich is served, Si Jin open the first sandwich and give it to Mu Yeon, and continue arguing with Mu Yeon like his doing is nothing special.

Aww.. is that how Si Jin treat Mu Yeon? Cute.

For the beverage : dozen of soju. Lot.. a lot of soju bottle. Whoa.. I can't believe that Si Jin and Dae Young could drink so many soju and didn't pass out. Yet, Mu Yeon who drunk and Si Jin who carry her to go home.

And you know what, her mom decide to visit her at that hour. LOL.

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