Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Get Hot with Samyang

Have you taste Samyang Noodle? This instant ramen was trending in instagram last year, which reportedly had a spiciest taste as ramen.

Well, something with spicy is interest me and make me curious. How spicy that noodle? So I try to find Samyang Noodle at minimarket like Indomaret, Alfamart or Alfamidi around my house. But unfortunately I can't find it. So I go to Superindo. Well, they don't sell it either.

There is a place that 100% sell Samyang noodle. It is Mu Gung Hwa store because they sell korean product. But I can't go to Mu Gung Hwa store at Kebayoran Baru, because at that time I already go to the other side of Jakarta.

So I go to Farmers Market which located in mall near my house. Thanks God, they sell this Samyang. Four packs go straight into the shopping cart and taken to the cashier. So, lets cook it!

This is the look of Samyang Noodle. Black package and a lot of hangeul which I can't read. But don't worry, the instruction how to cook is in Indonesian.

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