Friday, April 1, 2016

Are They Descended From The Sun?

Why I ask this? 

Well, this question pop of my mind because the rating for drama is impossible for midweek drama. Normally, drama in TV channel such as KBS, SBS or MBC are in twenty something at most. But, now.. 30%? 

Whoaa... Can you believe that?
If you can't believe it, you must try to believe it now, because there is another record in terms of acquisition of their rating. According to Nielsen Korea, the 11th episode of Descendant of the Sun that aired on Wednesday (03/30/2016) night exceeded 40.9%. 

Another whoaa..!

That number is the result of the total rating in the Seoul Metropolitan Area. While the number for the whole area of ​​South Korea, 'Descendants of the Sun' tread 38.3% with the average number of audience rating of 31.9%. 

Of course, this number is the highest in the time slot Wednesday and Thursday night.

Seven minutes of the first episode 11 aired, his ratings had exceeded 30%. Until the last second of airing, the rating was not decreasing but actually increased. This makes many believe that before the drama ends in episode 16 later 'Descendants of the Sun' could reach 40% rating nationally.

For episode 11, there is one scene that became the highest peak of the total rating.  At the end of that episode, there is a scene when Yoo Shi Jin (played by Song Joong Ki) shed his army uniform to save Mo Kang Yeon (played by Song Hye Kyo)

The scene was then followed by Seo Dae Young (played by Jin Goo) who stared worriedly at army clothes laid out on the bed along with a silver necklace bearing the name Yoo Shi Jin.

If eventually Descendants of the Sun reached the number of 40% rating, then officially this drama become the first drama which reach 40% in television history South Korea since... hmm.. I don't know.. Since Dae Jang Geum (Starring Lee Young Ae and Ji Jin Hee)? Or My Name is Kim Sam Soon (Starring Hyun Bin and Kim Sun Ah)? 

Note : Dae Jang Geum reach its peak at 57,8% and average 46,3%. My Name is Kim Sam Soon reach its peak at 50,5% and average 37,6%)

But we must remember that those drama was aired when internet was a rare thing, and we -the audience- weren't so familiar with streaming online. So you can calculate yourself, if the drama reach 40% rating, the actual rating is.. I don't know.. something close to 70%?

Whatever the calculation, the number is so magical. So maybe they are descended from the sun. 

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